Sunday, September 26, 2004

be (a) u (tiful)

are you
speaking to me
cryptic as i am, i
want you to be straightforward,
i want to hear your voice inside of me
but what do
these icy glares through me
do you mean them for me?
it hurts to see you angry,
it hurts but then you tell me how small the world makes you feel
i want to carry this away from you,
maybe if we could repair each other's
uneven faces
smirk the way we did as children (i imagine you were beautiful then, as you are now)
tell the truth for once in our lives
we would be human
and not lonely
and not dependent
and not naive
and not unhappy
and not insecure
and not falling apart
and not shedding tears between bites at fancy restaurants
and not being people we're not

and not...
[whats left?]